Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival: Chatham Style!

Tour Five Beautiful Gardens in Chatham as part of the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival on Friday, July 15th from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.  Each garden has an admission of $5 (cash), which supports the Chatham Garden Club's missions of town beautification and scholarship.  For more info about the gardens, see below.

#1 East Keep
255 Seapine Road, North Chatham 

(parking on one side of the street only)

This property was purchased in North Chatham partially because it had previously been
professionally landscaped and it offered a beautiful opportunity to start with a blank slate. Since
the home is used primarily during the warmer months, the design is informal with extensive use
of flowering perennials, shrubs and trees. Initial planting was completed in June 2021 and
supplemental plantings will continue. The property overlooks Crow’s Pond in front and the back
is an oasis for outdoor entertaining. The owners love color so the color theme is the more the
better. There are 20 areas filled with a plethora of perennials. Among the many plants are Drift
rose “sweet” and “coral”, Lamian, Coreopsis, Rudbekia, Monarda “Blue Moon”, perovskia
“Blue Jean Baby”, Buddleja white and black, salvia, phlox “Blue Paradise”, “David” and “Nora
Leigh” and oriental lilies “Stargazer” to name only a few. The many pops of color are a garden
lover’s elixir.

#2 Harbor Coves
196 Seapine Road, North Chatham

(parking on one side of the road only)

Like many gardens labored in by gardening lovers, this beautiful property is a work in progress.
When the owners moved to Chatham 14 years ago, they inherited many of the plantings but have
done a lot of tweaking over time. Two large perennial beds with David Austin roses flank the
rear terrace with additional rose beds in the back yard. The Spring front garden features
hundreds of daffodils and later in the Summer Asiatic lilies and perennial hibiscus. The rear
gardens include an azalea garden with dappled willow and dozens of hydrangeas, including
Endless Summer, Summer Crush, Nikko Blue, Oakleaf and Peegee Varieties. It is a labor of
love as all the gardening is done by the owners themselves.

#3 Harborside Retreat
55 Linnell Lane, N. Chatham
(parking on one side of the road only)

A charming walk down a private stone lane brings you to this retreat. The original home, built in
the 1940s, has been added to several times over the years. The landscape of the 1940’s home was
redone in 2006 by the current owner. Along the drive on the left are native seaside varieties of
mallow, goldenrod, beach grass, Carolina Rose, native cedar and other salt resistant shrubs. The
foundation plantings feature varieties of hydrangeas and caryopteris. Looking toward the water
are many perennial plants providing a subtle color palette. These include geraniums, bellflower.
Lavender, coneflower, Russian sage, Montauk daisies, yarrow and Joe Pye weed. To the rear of
the home are lemon colored daylilies and hydrangeas. The backyard, including the spa house, is
filled with various species of hydrangeas. Pale blush roses climb the picket fence and the fish
house features cutting and vegetable gardens.

#4 Seal Watch
126 Shore Road, Chatham

(parking only on one side of the road) 

As you proceed down the driveway that takes you to the harbor, there are white shrub roses that
flank the way. Blue hydrangeas go all the way down the drive on the other side. At the bottom
of the drive is a former tea house for the grandchildren which now stores water skis and beach
gear. Iconic New Dawn roses climb up the guest cottage which includes a rose garden. Next to
the main house is a perennial garden. There are many pots filled with white geraniums, blue
lobelia and tall white climbing Mandevilla in the back of the house. They mirror the blue of the
water with white caps. There is also a cutting garden with many sizes of Dahlias, Zinnias and
daisies. Tomatoes are also in the back that the grandchildren love to pick.

#5 Hydrangea Walk
123 Shore Road, Chatham
(parking only on one side of the road)

This elegant property has been one of Chatham’s most photographed sites. The walkway is
flanked on each side with two double rows of stunning blue hydrangeas and yellow daylilies.
The property consists of six acres encompassing velvety lawns abutting conservation land. By
the house are various gardens. Among the patios are pink knock out roses, Nikko blue
hydrangeas, low boxwood hedges, Russian sage, peonies, phlox, Shasta daisies, tickseed, lamb’s
ear, yarrow, nepeta and coneflowers to name just a few of the perennials which are mostly in a
blue, pink and white color scheme with pops of yellow from yarrow and black-eyed Susan’s.
The hydrangeas are the link tying in the back gardens with the front. One of the daughters of the
owners was married in these gardens and the other had her wedding reception here. Both special
ceremonies dictated the July dates when the hydrangeas were in peak bloom.