Chatham Garden Club

General Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2021



President Liz Scheld called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.  Today’s meeting began with several announcements from Liz Scheld.   Key informational items included the following:


·         The joint May meeting, initially planned in conjunction with the Harwich Garden Club, will be postponed until 2022.   We will still conduct our own regular meeting on the 18th.

·         For the April Chatham Garden Club General Meeting, Beth Taylor will deliver a presentation on dahlias.  She has a very successful and profuse dahlia bed in her own yard.

·         Linda Halvorsen will be assuming the role of Co-president with Susan Curcio for 2 years.  We welcome Linda and thank her in advance for volunteering for this key role.  This officer role will be presented to the membership in April and a confirmation vote will be held in May.

·         A garden club Program Committee has been established to include Sue Curcio, Liz Scheld, Debbie Gaines and Ellen Healy.   This team welcomes any ideas, topics or suggestions from the membership.

·         Our planning and preparation for the Hydrangea Festival in July continues.   Friday, July 16th is the day that has been chosen by CGC.  Currently Edie Hamilton has 5 volunteer sites who will offer their gardens for visitation on this day.   The membership will be asked to provide volunteer coverage at the sites between 10-4:00 on that Friday.

·         Wellfleet Garden Zoom by Jana Milbocker will take place on Wednesday, March 17th from 10-11 and all CGC members are invited if interested.  A Zoom link was sent previously by Liz Scheld.

·         On Thursday, May 6th at 10:30 Jana Milbocker will be featured virtually at the Eldredge Public Library.  Pre-registration is required. 


Today’s featured program speaker was Cherie Bryan.  Cherie is a Master Gardener who lives in Orleans.  She spoke to us on the topic of “Designing Your Landscape for Continuous Color”. 

Cherie highlighted elements and considerations of these basic design features including color, destination & path, form, texture, line, and establishment of garden focal points.

Some key considerations to maintain continuous color through the seasons were reviewed, including the following:

·         Inclusion of native pollinators in gardens

·         Incorporation of early flowering plants

·         Spring bulbs which are planted in fall

·         Spring blooming bushes

·         Rhododendrons and roses which love Cape Cod sandy soil

·         Lilacs and other beautiful scented plants

·         Traditional daylilies can be good for hillsides and natural spreading

·         Attention to shade gardens and shaded areas



The meeting concluded at approximately 2:10 following a lively Q&A with the presenter.


Respectfully submitted,


Debra Cody

Co-Recording Secretary