Chatham Garden Club

General Meeting

November 19, 2019


The administrative portion of today’s General Meeting commenced at 1:00.   Liz Scheld, Chatham Garden Club president, presided.

1.      President’s Welcome-  Liz welcomed the membership to today’s program with Greta Ribb.  Thanks was extended to the Hospitality Committee and to this month’s volunteers who created the luncheon and dessert buffet for today’s meeting.   Ella Leavitt was thanked for the lovely Thanksgiving centerpiece which adorned the table.  A special thank you was also extended to Donna Maiocca who set up a Horticulture Table exhibit featuring display items decorated with succulents and Tillandsias, created by Donna.   Some floral displays were for sale with proceeds donated to CGC.      

2.      Treasurer’s Report-    Jacquie Crimmins provided a brief overview of our Chatham Garden Club account balances and recent payments.   She also referenced receipt of payments for the upcoming December Holiday Luncheon celebration which will take place on December 3rd.

3.      Town Garden Coordinator- Amanda Davis reviewed the various town gardens which are supported by Chatham Garden Club members.  Thanks for extended to each coordinator and to members who generously donated their time and talents to this community service effort.    Amanda spoke about the Sears garden which will be completely re-done in the next year.  Coordination is in place with the Town of Chatham’s Department of Public Works (DPW) on this effort.

4.      Ways & Means Update- Marilyn Sink is on the Hydrangea Advisory Board and shared that this organization is seeking to make their program somewhat more rounded to reflect the beauty of the Cape beyond simply hydrangeas.   She also referenced the upcoming winter fundraiser which will be in which CGC members will create winter ‘sprays’ for sale at the December 13th Christmas Stroll.   Those selling the sprays on behalf of the club will be positioned in front of the Mayo House.  Lastly, Marilyn referenced that Lee Pruell is stepping down as a Membership Committee co-chair.  She invited any interested person to contact her directly regarding this co-chair role.  Marilyn also asked membership to contact her if interested in serving on the Nominating Committee which she chairs.   Three regular members from the club at large are needed.

5.      New Member Introduction-  Harriet Prout introduced new member, Nancy Bourbeau, who was welcomed to the club at today’s meeting.

6.      First Vice President Request-  Beth Taylor is seeking board member response to two specific items which were previously circled via email to Board distribution.   She requested review and reply from those who have not yet responded.

7.      Monthly Program:   Today’s general meeting program focused on a presentation entitled “Fabulous Season Design” conducted by Greta Ribb.  Greta has provided holiday decorations to many homes and businesses in Chatham and shared a wealth of information with an emphasis on wreath making in particular.  She discussed what greenery and natural material is locally available, when to cut or harvest these items, and how to store greenery and crafted items in order to preserve shelf life.   She noted, in particular, that all evergreens are best harvested after a hard frost which forces the winterization process to begin.   Today’s lecture was preceded earlier this morning by a wreath making workshop for participants who elected to enroll in this activity.


Respectfully submitted,


Debra Cody

Co-Recording Secretary

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