January 2020 General Meeting Minutes

1.      Opening Comments from CGC President, Liz Scheld

    Liz welcomed the attendees and called the meeting to order at 1:05.   Two visitors, Laura Beecy and Debbie Gaines, were in attendance this session and were briefly introduced. 

     Liz thanked Madonna Hitchcock kindly for a beautiful display table of gardening books which she arranged for this meeting.   Madonna briefly described one particular favorite, entitled “Onward and Upward in the Garden”, by Katharine White.  Katharine was the first editor of the New Yorker magazine.  Madonna shared that her exploration of Katherine’s writing also taught her to appreciate the writing of her more famous husband, E.B. White (author of Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web).

     Sue Curcio extended thanks to this month’s Hospitality Committee.  Missy Owens provided a lovely centerpiece.   Food contributors included Judy Schmitt, Ilene Bendas, Deb Cody and Beth Taylor.  February’s meeting will be a ‘Soup & Bread’ social.  Members are encouraged to come with ideas regarding the club and suggestions for keeping it lively and appealing.   There will be facilitated roundtable discussions during this meeting.

     Liz reported that a box has been established for collection of gardening magazines and related material exchange between members of the CGC.  Liz also announced that her two-year term will be coming to an end in June.  Beth Taylor will also be stepping down as Vice President in June.  Members are encouraged to consider their respective levels of interest in both of these roles.   Marilyn Sink is looking for volunteers for the nominating committee.  This committee is responsible for soliciting individuals who may be qualified and interested in filling various roles as they become vacant.

 2.      February Fundraiser

    A movie and brunch event will be held on February 12th at the Chatham Orpheum Theater.   The movie will be “Enchanted April”.   All members are encouraged to buy tickets and ‘bring a friend’.  Linda Halvorsen has been the chair of this year’s February fundraiser.

 3.      Scholarship Committee-  Edie Hamilton

    Edie was delighted to report that Emma Burke, from Harwich, was selected as the recipient of the latest CGC scholarship.   Emma is currently a sophomore at the University of New England and is majoring in Environmental Science.   Edie also noted that part of the money we will make with our upcoming fundraiser will go to supporting future scholarships in addition to maintaining our Town Gardens.

 4.      Finance Report- Jacquie Crimins

    Jacquie Crimins provided an update on 2019 year-end finances.   Our year end income position was more favorable than anticipated.  Conversely our 2019 total expenses were lower than projected.   As a consequence, we are entering this fiscal year in a positive position.

5.      Presentation- “Starting Your Gardens from Seed” (Linda Colgane)

    Master Gardener Linda shared her experiences in starting plants from seeds.  She brought many small items to illustrate how individuals might inexpensively begin cultivating seeds from home for flower and or vegetable gardens.  Handouts with useful information were provided to today’s attendees.    

6.      Upcoming

The next meeting of the Chatham Garden Club is scheduled for Tuesday, February 18th.  This meeting will be a special ‘Soup & Bread Social’ and will encourage interaction and brainstorming regarding to how we can best keep the Chatham Garden Club vital, relevant and make it stronger than ever.   


Respectfully submitted,

 Debra Cody

Co-Recording Secretary 

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